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Top 5 Mural Walls in Denver For Instagram Likes


Top 5 Mural Walls in Denver For Instagram Likes

Is Instagram part of your social media plan? If so, there are several obvious rules you need to follow. Like take well-lit photos. Have a consistent look and feel to your posts. No blurry shit. Your followers have a zillion accounts (well, at least 700 million) they could be following. As cute as your dog Zoey might be, all those followers don’t have time for ten context-less, poorly lit pictures of poor Zoey with half her face accidentally cut out of the frame.

Once you’ve got the basics, it’s time for some of the finer points of Instagramming. And that, Instapeople, brings us to the coveted graffiti or mural wall.

Calling something a “graffiti wall” or a “mural wall”makes it sounds almost impossibly cool and hipster. We aren’t going to lie, they look pretty awesome and don’t seem to be going out of style anytime soon. Like, if you haven’t seen a friend’s pic in front of those wings in Nashville, you probably don’t get on social media much (or you don’t have friends who travel much). There’s just something we love about bright colors in the background of photos, whether it’s a background for a product, a person or a moment. Most of us don’t have walls that awesome in our houses, so the novelty of the colorful city wall is still going strong.

Here, we’ll let you in on our favorite Denver sites so you, too, can put some life into your business’ Instagram posts.

Are your cameras ready? Get ready discover Denver’s best Insta spots.


Love this City

Pat Milbery’s wall-sized love letter to Denver, located in the Art District on Santa Fe, is one of three “Love this City” murals and celebrated the 10th anniversary of Denver Arts Week. We love this one for several reasons: the geometric shapes, the colors that make anyone’s skin look good and the subtle nature-meets-big-city themes.




Check out the pen-and-ink style on this mural in Five Points, and see if you can find another of artist Kelsey Montague’s five Denver murals (she currently has nearly 30 worldwide). In her online bio, she describes the draw to her work: “My murals specifically invite people into a piece and then invite people to share their experience online.” Follow suit and tag your photo with one of the hashtags painted on the wall. Bonus points if you can figure out a new or creative way to pose.



Bright Future

You know that poster of Obama that reads “Hope,” in big block letters that captured some of the emotions swirling during the 2008 election season? That’s the work of Shepard Fairey, whose work speaks into into protest and dissent. Prints of his work, available at, sell out fast, but you can visit his work in person any day in Lincoln Park. Pose in front of this mural when you want to catch people’s attention with a photo so you can direct them to a caption about your business’ core values.



Mother Earth

Jolt, founder of GuerillaGarden, is a Denver native who’s been spray painting art since 1993. His graffiti roots lend his work a funky style that’s perfect as an Insta-complement to startups and millennial- and Gen-Z-oriented businesses. This mural in particular, though, has a calming, universal vibe, thanks to deep hues, a serene portrait and natural elements. Be creative with how you incorporate a piece like this into your social feed — don’t just use it as a snapshot.



RiNo: Evad Lotus

We’re unsure of an official name for this underrated extravaganza but we like it. Why? This black and white backdrop is perfect for any outfit. While it’s simple, it is a great mural for a series of photos that you want to go together (and it provides excellent lighting…a total plus)! It goes back to honing your “look” — you want people to know that they’re scrolling past one of your photos, just based on how it feels at first glance. Get inspired by this simplistic style, and come up with your own visual social media voice.




Of course this list only scratches the surface. Denver is basically the coolest city ever and has endless street and wall art that make the perfect picture backdrops. Any awesome walls not on our list? Let us know! We are always looking for the coolest spots around (we aren’t just regular digital marketers, we’re cool digital marketers).

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